Slight Scare, but everything is Fine!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

On Monday early morning I had a little scare. I woke up with tons of cramping. I called my ob as soon as their office opened and they wanted me to come in for an ultrasound. Everything was great! The baby is still measuring 1 days ahead. Heartrate was 178 bpm. And my baby actually looked like a baby! He/she was showing off and making sure that I knew they were just fine! So incredible to see! The pics above are from the ultrasound. By the time they took the pics the baby had enough of the ultrasound and had turned away. The first pic the baby has it's hand on it's foot. And in the second it's turning over even more!

And for the record, when I told my acupuncturist the heartrate, her response was, "It's a Boy!" And, that's my feeling, too. I will be more than thrilled with either gender, but my gut says it's a boy!

But, just for fun:

babybpm fetal heart rate gender predictor

babybpm fetal heart rate gender predictor


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